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News Tak is the most revolutionary and credible digital news channel. News Tak brings news to you with innovative mobile-friendly videos that are designed to capture and satiate your thirst for news from India and across the world. News Tak is also the most credible source of LIVE videos and brings to you breaking news, press conferences done by all political parties, exclusive interviews, political news, bollywood & viral videos. Anything and everything that makes news and news talk is on News Tak first. We ensure that the truth behind viral videos reaches you. The news that you see on social media is sometimes a hoax, a rumour or false viral news. At News Tak, we research the daily social media trends, filter the news through credible sources, find the best and most genuine content and present the latest trending news to you. Subscribe to the official channel of News Tak to get to the crux of the country's biggest news agendas in the form of video shorts and get access to the latest news in your hands, anytime, anywhere, on your mobile.

News Tak also covers bollywood's best stories and the latest trending topics of showbiz. From new trailer releases, new song releases to the latest pictures of bollywood celebrities - everything that is hot and happening in B'town is on News Tak first. Sometimes, viral videos and news regarding celebrities on social media is fake news. At News Tak, we promise to present news that is the truth. If a video goes viral, be sure to check it on News Tak - because we only put up genuine and credibly sourced content.

Additionally, at News Tak you can see unseen video interviews, off-camera happenings, behind-the-scenes of a newsroom, and all the news that you don't get to see on TV. Apart from this, we at News Tak give special focus to public opinion, public reviews and user engagements. Watch the top anchors and journalists of India discuss their views on latest topics only on News Tak and stay ahead of others.

With 2.2 million subscribers and counting - News Tak is the most watched news channel on social media. To find us on Youtube and Facebook search for News Tak online with a space between 'News' and 'Tak'. Newstalk channel has nothing to do with the Indian news and Indian news content.

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